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Choice vs Racism vs Slavery vs Mastery

Choice vs Racism vs Slavery vs Mastery – From my perspective…. there is no such thing as racism. Racism is in the mind (again I emphasize that)  Do I as a cracker (as some call me) whine about asians having a bigger brain than a white guy? No.. I create and think my world into being. …in other words…. I am a creationist and then I evolve. I will add this caveat….. How one treats another is all choice. So, no one on this planet is equal. There is no equality even within the same race… asians kill asians, whites kill whites, reds kills reds, blacks kill blacks. Being this is about blacks, I am so going there! Do most white people people give a crap what the blacks do or think? No.. we just do… why is it that blacks always play the race card? Poor me.. the whites did this to me.. the white did that to me.. .get a grip…. you blacks did it to yourself….

If one does research, you will find that one of the main seedings of humans were black.. You were only put here to be procreate and mine gold, in other words be slaves… every human on this planet is a slave – whites, blacks, asians.. whatever…. Blacks sold blacks long before the whites race came along. Who was the first slave owner in america? A black dude. So cut the crap and think what you have done to yourself.

Long before Africa was colonized, the blacks boned the blacks… So I perceive that there is no racism, only mastery and slavery. A master has a strong conviction of thought – a slave is weak and no conviction of thought. That brings me to the McGraw textbook from which there has been some “mindless uprising” – oh, what did the book say… wait… here it is…. as alluded to by the comment about the blacks were forced labour..(I am sure someone will have a pushback for me.. so bring it on) So some lady thought she needed to spew her apparent idea of truth and go out on a limb. Oh forced labour, no wages.. guess what? As an alleged cracker, I have to go out into the workforce and make money to pay for food, clothing, shelter – that was provided to the blacks that were apparently forced to come to america. Really? Forced? Everyone has a choice.. .go on a slave ship or get a gun or knife in the head? Yes, you blacks had a choice. Be free or be a slave. You all choose to be a slave….why? because you had no conviction of thought.. in other words – no balls. You choose to accept instead of object. Then what did you do? You had sex and had babies.. yes procreate… make more slaves with the full knowledge that your offspring would be slaves. You knowingly sold your children into slavery. It is the same as those in “3rd world” countries that cry poverty…. oh my poor children… and I guess the main stream media lapp that up….. they all have cell phones and TV’s but they gotta have kids – why? kids=money. Most humans know full well while they are having sex, that if they have a kid, they won’t be able to feed them – oh wait…. they can send their kids out and be slaves to someone else.

You all had a choice and you choose to be slaves by not having balls in life. You had a choice to take the easy road of a slave instead of standing up to the would be masters… You brought more slaves into the world knowingly. Shame on you… and now you blame it on the whites? Get a grip.

If you wake up every morning and think someone will do a “racist” act towards, guess what? It will happen. Why not get up and think and rule your own world… Quit blaming others for your crappy decisions of your ancestors… Have some balls in your life and take responsibility for your own life and create the world you so choose to live in. There is no one reality.. Your reality is truth to you as my reality is truth to me… There is a great YouTube video – a clay animation on the “Allegory of the Cave” – It is an interesting perspective.

Choices – what would life be like without them?

Choices – what would human life be like without choices?

If there are no choices, that would mean no freedom – what happens when an organized religion or government removes your freedom? – People object either privately or publicly. If one has no choices and hence no freedoms, then it really leaves little purpose or drive for human life; I am not talking about the choices for example of what toothpaste to use or soap to use in the laundry, I am talking more of the philosophical choices.

If there is no choice, there is no reason for being.  With choice comes superiority for oneself.  Now, if you think you are right, not only are you right for yourself, you then along with those of like mind, impose those controls upon others. So those that think they are right, then set laws. For the most part, laws are made or imposed by those who benefit the most. If you don’t follow the laws, then you must be punished. If you think murder is wrong, then a “murderer” must be punished to the degree or severity of the so-called crime. Does “society” or law makers have the right to control?

If you are working for an employee, and that has it’s own set of laws/rules/policies, then you know that as long as you appear at work and do your job, follow the rules, you will get monetary compensation. The moment you chose not to follow the “rules,” you will get fired. Within this scenario, the instilled fear in one of that perhaps if you are fired, you will not have money to eat or pay bills… or – Ultimately, does any human truly experience freedom? We theoretically are all slaves to the master of money/currency.

It is those that impose laws of control that need the view of “high value” of human life. How else can they sell salvation? Without selling salvation, they no longer generate revenue as after all, organized religion is a business. Think of the fact that if the Catholic Church really cared about hunger for the poor, they could feed all with the financial resources they hold. Perhaps the gold, the art, the buildings – could be food and shelter.

One needs choice to support either side of an energy wave – either plus or minus or positive/negative which gives rise to absolute truth – absolute truth can be true or false depending on subjectivity – all depending on one’s perception which is one’s reality.  That reality is dynamic and changes constantly.

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Tragedy or Destiny?

Is death a tragedy or perhaps destiny or “it was the time?” Without a doubt, one empathizes with the physical loss of human life for those that experience the death of someone within their family or immediate circle of friends. Often one hears the line and it is especially true of main stream media: “Their lives were cut short well before their time.” I find it interesting that such attention is given to the death of 2 people such as that in Virginia on August 26, 2015, with little or no reporting on the thousand of deaths that happen daily. That sidebar comment being made, on to the tragedy or destiny topic.

The “view or belief” of the majority of humankind is that human life is one of high value. Hence comes punishment from society for those that end the physical life. For those that don’t buy into the concept of energy or that all in the universe is energy, then this post is a moot point for you – go watch TV or eat fries. As energy can never die, that would mean that the energetic side/spiritual body of the human does not die either. If I take that further, that would mean that murder, the taking of a soul/spirit, is non-existent.  If the energetic/spiritual body has always been, is now and will always be, then how can there be death of the soul?  It is death of the physical only, as the spirit or soul remains in tact. Where is the tragedy in that? From my perspective, the tragedy is the ignorance or lack of awareness of humanity. Humanity has followed organized religion, controls of government, culture and family to the extent of not thinking for themselves.

For the most part, humans actions center around their belief of what happens to them when the physical body dies. People have relationships, children, pets for what? Someone to love them.  Therefore when that “someone” dies physically, it becomes a tragedy and for some humans, the loss is so great they don’t seem to ever get over it. Many spend their lifetime, and I might add at the expensive of their living family/friends, seeking retribution to those who “stole” their loved one/s from them. I just listened to a clip of the father of the reporter that died and all that he can say is I will never get her texts, I will never get to see her, I this, I that –  Nothing is ever mentioned about his own daughter other than what he is feeling.

You depend on others for your happiness. Your family and friends are sorrowed that your life was cut short. Is it you the dead one, or is it themselves they feel sorry for? What do they say.. I will never get to see them to this or do that….. I think that most are sad for themselves – the human that no longer exists really doesn’t care.  They don’t care about your feelings or ever seeing you again.

From my perspective, everything that happens is a result of energy. Your thoughts are energy, your movements are energy, everything is a transfer and manipulation of energy. Every thought that has been thought still exists. Humans, for the most part, always have choices – decisions are made based on their belief system. Actions/decisions are generally made to satisfy a dominate need such as hunger, shelter….. or actions are things one does to make oneself happy. If you knew your path/destiny and when you were going to die, that would definitely change how one acts/reacts in their decision making process. Can you imagine if you know the hour/day you were going to die – what would you do differently? Perhaps your motives would all be different depending on what you thought happened to you when you die.

Your spirit, your soul family, sent you down to this planet to be hosted by a human in a particular. As there are human races, there are spirit races. You were given intention and motivation and a path to follow.  Your soul family knew/knows when you were going to be done on this planet – but if you knew, would you have done what have you done and perhaps walked the path that you thought was right for you?  Probably not. Everything happens for a reason, an energetic reason; as with synchronicity, you know, the people you meet on your journey that you were meant to meet or things happen out of the blue – all meant to be, all set in place without you consciously being aware of.  The 2 people in Virginia – it was their time – Prove me wrong as the saying goes. We are all puppets of the spirit race from which we are from. Aliens, yep we are their puppets. Humans are doing their work.

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Racism – Is It Real Life or In Your Mind? Part II

Onward with my perspective on why racism is both real life and in your mind. Humans were, from my perspective, put on this planet for one thing – to be slaves. The more slaves the merrier I guess for the masters. How do you get more slaves? Procreation! Instead of people thinking about the life they are bringing children into, what do they do? They bang their brains out and keep the slave factory in tact. Look at all the so-called undeveloped countries; limitless slaves being born to work for the masters. Humans are all slaves to something, including the millionaire/billionaire who constantly obsesses over his pile of money or gold that his slaves and minions have made for her/him. If you ever travelled to India or Brasil, a quick breath of air in a populated area, will quickly give one an idea that there are too many humans inhabiting the space.

There are masters and slaves in every human race and history has shown that to be. The Blacks were the first to sell their own race. The Whites never got involved with that until the Colonization of Africa. The Whites sell their own race, the Asians sell their own race, the East Indians sell their own race and so on. Every race has it’s own classes or cast system; a few masters and many slaves. Every class bones the class below them. Why is it that foreigners come to other countries? Often because they have the money to get away from those of their own race that they have enslaved. For the most part, these foreigners sold those within their race into debt. The masters used and abused all their own countryman/race, to make profit at the expense and the demeaning of those of their same bloodline/race.

Are we all born equal? Not a chance. Within races you will have masters and slaves based on monetary status, based on IQ, based on bodily capabilities, based on gender, based on age. I have seen first hand in Brasil; children/slaves are born to go out and beg for the parents, then after the children hit the age of 8, they no longer generate revenue for the parents. What do the parents do – they put them out for adoption because they no longer are good efficient slaves. Perhaps it is those parents that procreate out of stupidity, that need a kick in the butt.

Then there is procreation between races. What happens when dogs procreate between breeds? Mongrels! The DNA from an African has no Neanderthal mixed in. That would result in a different type of resistance to pathogens and diseases. Mixed races are in effect genetically modified. How is that working out if you eat a fish that is a blend between wild and farmed? Or the new GE’d (Genetically modified) fish that some governments are trying to put on your table? Or GMO foods? The end result is coming soon to a human near you!

Imagine that if, every morning you got up and instead of thinking of all the crap that someone or “another race” is going to throw at you, why not walk out the door and own your own world.  Be the master of your own world. If you don’t think it so, then it won’t be or as Henry Ford’s famous line: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!” If you walk into your boss’s office (I really don’t like that word), and think you are not qualified or you are inferior to her/him, then you make it so vibrationally. Your manager/boss, will react whether subconsciously or not, according to what you are thinking/living/vibrating. You are what you are, because you think you are. I have this saying: If you want to live a life, live from the heart. If you want to create a world for yourself, think it into reality.  Whose reality?  Your reality is the only one that matters for you!

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Racism – Is it Real Life or In Your Mind? Part I

From my perspective, racism is real and in one’s mind. If your reality is truth to you and my reality is truth to me, then what one thinks whether subconsciously or rationally, becomes “real” for the person whose thoughts they are. We each have our own reality or what is truth to us.  It is this “reality” that forms our individual world and the therefore the life we lead. We each could have opposite opinions on a subject but to each of us, our opinion is truth for us. That is your or my reality. It is truly awesome when 2 people can have a conversation that is polar opposite, yet still can have a coffee or tea after without being upset at each other. The moment one thinks or insists that the other should agree or come into their reality, that instantly becomes a type of control.

It is important that I add this caveat:  How you interact or treat someone is your choice and yours alone. That out of the way, I will get into the “meat” of this particular topic. Control freaks from the government, to organized religion, culture, family and the like, all try to impose equality with the threat of imprisonment, monetary fines, death – you name it. How is that working out for humanity? Not very well. The moment “someone or an entity” tries to impose control, humans tend to object. If they don’t object publicly, they do so privately; well at least they think they are enjoying privacy until they find out someone was rolling tape or that smart phone was doing what it does so well. Is it really anyone else’s concern what anyone thinks about anyone else?  No, but there are those that think it is public domain. If you don’t like what someone or some company is doing both ethically and physically, don’t support them. If they own housing, don’t buy or rent from them – there are a myriad of ways by which to protest silently and effectively. Those governments and organizations that choose to exercise a certain reality are in effect, trying or manipulating mankind via control. Instilling fear in others is the ultimate form of control.

The unconditionality of the universe is such that if you decide to protest in a negative way either by rioting, looting or other violent acts, then you bring more of rioting, looting and violence into your life and those around you. The universe does this: back at you! The more and intense you become, the faster and more intense the universe gives it right back to you. You personally control the world you are creating by your intensity of thoughts.

Racism is purely in your mind. You create the world in which you live by your thoughts which is your reality and yours alone.  If you get up every morning and think someone will do a racist act to you (whatever that may entail), then a racist act to you will be done! It is that simple. Now I am sure that someone will object and say that my ancestors were sold into slavery.  To be a slave, one has to accept that she/he is a slave. For example, if a parent says to the child, walk a certain because if you don’t, a police officer may stop or shoot you, what is the parent doing? The parent is already accepting that she/he is racist themselves. That parent is hence telling the child that someone will do or perform a racist act to them unless they behave in a certain way. This example goes back to the premise that if you start your day thinking you are a slave or will have a racist act done to you, you already have set the tone for your day and that of those around you. Slavery, from my perspective is hereditary. It is passed down from one generation to another. Once a slave, always a slave.  Parents stop the cycle for your own “world.” That same philosophy would apply to anything in life. The general drift of Ghandi’s famous saying: “When you change how you view yourself, the way in which the world views you changes. Everything in your life starts with you – well, actually your parents and their parents……  Somewhere, the cycle must be broken as nothing in the universe stays the same, ever! Part II to follow.

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